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Electrical Contractor

Electrical Contractor | Advanced Electrical Services INC. - Palmetto, FL

Advanced Electrical Services INC is the premier electrical contractor in the Palmetto, Florida community. In order to reign supreme as a...

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Electric Generator Service

Electric Generator Service | Advanced Electrical Services INC. - Palmetto, FL

Electric generators for industrial use are what generate the electricity that drives the business. At Advanced Electrical Services INC, we know...

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Surge Protection

Surge Protection | Advanced Electrical Services INC. - Palmetto, FL,FL

We offer many beneficial services for a variety of locations in Palmetto. One of the most satisfying is our surge protection service. Our Advanced Electrical Services...

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Welcome to Advanced Electrical Services INC.

Established in 1996, Advanced Electrical Services INC has been providing impeccable service to the Palmetto, FL community for 18 years. We know the difference between excellent customer service and the ordinary. It has always been our belief that if you provide quality tools to quality people with quality knowledge, you will always deliver the most effective service. Our advanced training and positive approach make us the preferred choice for a variety of electrical options.

We are a local electrical contractor that has established a strong working relationship with the people of Palmetto. Our expertise is equally available to residential, commercial and industrial clients in the area. Our specialty is in advanced industrial consulting and related applications. The size of the project does not matter; we to address them all efficiently. We can provide a wide array of electrical services from electrical construction, installation and maintenance.

Advanced Electrical Services INC also provides electric generator service. We can test and inspect your generator to pin point problems swiftly. In addition, we supply rewind, control retrofits, upgrade and repair service for the industrial sized generator. We can service generators with a turbine steam engine or internal combustion engine. The service we provide will enhance component life and improve reliability. You can’t beat the quality solutions we offer.

Our extremely well trained staff can also provide surge protection service. Business owners and managers must utilize cost-effective measures that will prevent incidents that will harm the bottom line. A power surge can damage computers and equipment instantly, presenting the possibility of closure and great loss of money. By simply acquiring the proper surge protection from Advanced Electrical Services INC in Palmetto, FL, you can avoid such a catastrophe. Don’t wait, contact us today.

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