Surge Protection

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Surge Protection

Surge Protection | Advanced Electrical Services INC. - Palmetto, FL

We offer many beneficial services for a variety of locations in Palmetto. One of the most satisfying is our surge protection service. Our Advanced Electrical Services INC team will be more than pleased to install, maintain and repair your surge protection system. Installation is easy, effective and affordable. It may be a simple process, but the benefits go beyond the extraordinary. Power surges can cripple your electronic system instantaneously, resulting in business closure and detrimental financial loss.

When you allow Advanced Electrical Services INC to provide surge protection for your location, you are taking a huge leap towards sparing your electronics and appliances from power surge problems. The two things that can severely decimate your electronics if surge protection is not present are obviously:

• Lightning Strikes—A lightning strike can cause extensive damage to anything that operates off the electrical grid. This could include the electronics in your machines, computers, television screens, music systems, and the list goes on. All electrical components are subject to frying without proper surge protection.

• Common Power Surges—Although lightning strikes are definitely the most dangerous regardless of their path to your power outlets, they are not the most common. Common power surges overload the lines when current hungry equipment requires immense capacities during certain phases of the operation. Surge protection can eliminate damage to your components.

You may be thinking that lightning strikes are rare and overall, they are. However, our Advanced Electrical Services INC crew knows well that the State of Florida receives more lightning strikes than any other state in the USA. Power surge protection is simply the right thing to do if you want to avoid replacing friend components after a lightning storm or other type of power surge. Choose us for all of your surge protection needs in Palmetto.

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